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Photos for Grandma

Photos for Grandma is a specialized mailer for photos you'd like to send to your family
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29 February 2008

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Computer technology gets revamped frequently, and comes up with something new and innovative to offer us each day. Online photo sharing is quite common and easy these days, as e-mail, chats and social networking sites providing ample scope for image upload and saving. Uploading each image one by one on the e-mail and then sending to the recipient is the thing of the past. An application like Photos for Grandma 1.1 promises to deliver something more in terms of sharing images with your loved ones. Galleries stored on the system is very common, however this software assures to make the entire process more easy and fast for the convenience of the user.

This application opens with a vivid looking screen and can also be called a specialized mailer for its uniqueness; a bright interface and customized tools make the photo sending procedure a cakewalk. The main window consists of the contact boxes of the recipients, which contains the option of add and view; by which the user can select the photo and place in the recipient box directly without much hassle. Post installation of the application, in order to use it, the user only needs to pick and choose the pictures, type a message and pick the style, and the job is done. It assists in resizing and rotating of the images and further, creates the message from in built templates. Moreover, the user has the flexibility of choosing the size of image to be sent, along with the preview option, to view the message and the image before sending.

Photos for Grandma 1.1 can certainly be of great help to all of us with its user friendly tools for image sharing; and gets a rating score of four for its vividness, assorted features and quick performance and impressive functioning.

Publisher's description

Photos for Grandma is a specialized mailer for pictures you'd like to send to your family and friends. Your only job with it is to select pictures to send, type in a message subject and choose its style. Fun and done. The program takes care of everything else. It resizes pictures, creates a message from a template and sends it through your email account. It even rotates pictures that have orientation EXIF tag. Three techniques are available for selecting pictures: standard file open dialog, right-click in Windows Explorer and easy drag & drop from your favorite viewer.
Photos for Grandma
Photos for Grandma
Version 1.1
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easy to use and very nice designes application.
This is so cool and easy to use. I missed an option to import contacts but never mind, it`s still great.
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